What KickAss Shakespeare is

KickAss Shakespeare produces and distributes software and mobile apps designed for, and dedicated to, making Shakespeare readable for anyone at any level. Using a unique format that provides instant inline simplified text for difficult words, phrases and references (all of which were very familiar to the original audiences four hundred years ago) KickAss plays are the most readable Shakespeare anywhere.
Optional Simplified text

But KickAss doesn't stop with just simple text. It optionally provides traditional sidebar explanations and even the primary texts (typically text from the First Folio of 1623) both of which can be displayed side-by-side, speech by speech in a flexible two column flexible format completely configurable by the reader.

What KickAss Shakespeare isn't

You will not find essays on whether or not Hamlet was just a spoiled man-child; whether Romeo and Juliet really experienced true love or intense puppy-lust; or whether or not Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth where happily married. (But you might find tidbits such as: Lady Macbeth's first name was, in reality, Grouch, even though it was never mentioned by Shakespeare.)

The KickAss Glossary and Companion to Shakespeare

An major part of KickAss is a 20,000 word and phrase dictionary to Shakespeare's writings. Based on Alexander Schmidt's exhaustive two volume lexicon it is now fully interactive with examples linking to the appropriate passages in the plays and completely searchable by a search routine expressly developed for searching Elizabethan, and in particular Shakespearean, works by accommodating the differences in spelling between then and now.

We hope that you find www.KickAssShakespeare.com useful.

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